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More than 450 models for every taste from French designers and mordeliers

  • Brassieres
  • Panties
  • Sets
  • Brambles


250+ models

From 120 UAH per unit

  • balconette
  • classical
  • push-up
  • for nursing women
  • silicone

75 various colors

  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null


150+ models

The price is from 50 UAH per unit

  • american
  • brazilian
  • briefs
  • shaping
  • drawers
  • french knickers
  • slips
  • stretch
  • dtring
  • thong
  • french knickers-strings

62 various colors

  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null


150+ models

Price for the set from 300 UAH

98 various colors

  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null


From 15 UAH

  • woven
  • silicone
  • ornate

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Lingerie ТМ "Acousma" is produced for equipment with the best technological capabilities and automatic control of each process: from the assembly of products to the final packaging. Work with thin linen or cotton lace is carried out exclusively by hand.
Before starting automatic production, the material is checked and only after a thorough check comes into operation.

Multiple quality control is our guarantee for getting the laundry done in perfect quality.
Important! If you find a manufacturing fault, we guarantee a return or exchange of goods. Until today, not a single production marriage and quality complaints from customers have been recorded.

Production process

Design from French and Italian fashion designers

Each underwear series "Acousma" is an exclusive design, non-recurring color combinations and original forms. Modelers of TM "Acousma" carefully develop the most comfortable forms and linings, not forgetting the originality of the style. The comfort of a woman and a sense of her own attractiveness for designers of underwear "Acousma" - above all.

Continuous production process

Since 1998, underwear "Acousma" is developed and modeled by French couturiers.
To date, the production is expanded, and several factories in China are open.
Each stage of production is accompanied by automated quality control. We guarantee delivery to each customer on time.

Sells in:

  • France
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • China
  • USA
  • Great Britain

Terms of

  • Direct deliveries from 2 to 7 days
  • Discounts for bulk orders
  • Ability to order on the model in any color and quantity

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Get profit from Acousma products

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